Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub

Developing local agri-food businesses

The Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub is here to help local farmers and food producers add value to their products, leading to a more resilient food system in BC.

The Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub Inc. is ready to start helping Ag-food businesses throughout the Valley. We offer many ways to help your food production business grow and thrive. Please check out our FAQ below for more details. You’ll also see a map to our location, and images of our facility. If you’d like more information, please use the form at the bottom of this page to connect with us today!

Press Releases

Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub First Year Anniversary

For Immediate Release

A Vision Come True For The Fraser Valley

It has been one year since the doors opened at the Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub.

Located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, at 2570 Cyril Street in Abbotsford, the Food Hub fills a much needed gap for entrepreneurs to expand and grow their local food business. This brand new, shared-use commercial kitchen facility, provides a space for innovation and development and is designed to provide food businesses access to space, resources, and business skills they need in order to make their culinary dreams a reality.

This state-of-the-art facility is an integral part of the Fraser Valley’s food community, and we are extremely grateful for the support of the BC Ministry Of Agriculture as we developed and implemented this new concept of a modern shared-use kitchen.

The Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub is a spacious, custom designed, shared-use facility that provides access to a professional commercial kitchen with brand new high tech equipment and appliances, along with a large walk in cooler, walk in freezer, and dry storage space.

“Our Vision” is to create an inclusive and collaborative environment where anyone with a passion for food can have access to the tools and support they need to succeed in their business thus adding value to their products and leading to a more resilient food system in the Fraser Valley and throughout the province.

“Our Goal” is to promote local food entrepreneurs by providing a modern, high tech facility, with access to a fully equipped, commercially licensed shared-use kitchen that will help them realize their business potential as well as develop and grow their product.

In its first year of operation, The Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub has clients who are successfully growing their businesses, which includes production of chocolates, candies, baked goods, soups, sauces, frozen meals, beverages and take-out catering. Alice Grey, founder of Mindful Monk, says “the state of the art kitchen and equipment is clean and absolutely pristine. The personalized attention, support and collaboration are unbelievably helpful – they really listen and follow through. This is what I have been looking for all along.” The FVAFH now provides an anchor for her business. She has become established on the local scene and her chocolate and fudge is in high demand both locally and provincially.

The FVAFH provides a cost effective solution to hard-to-find commercial kitchen space and opportunities to support “Foodies” while connecting people and businesses across the Fraser Valley.

For a virtual tour and more information about the Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub, visit our website at or schedule an appointment to tour the facility by calling (604) 746 – 5682.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub?

The FVAFH is a shared use commercial kitchen that is available for rent by food businesses, such as caterers, food trucks, and small-scale food producers. We provide a space for food businesses to prepare and store their products in a space approved by Fraser Health Authority. The shared nature of the kitchen allows multiple businesses to use the space, reducing the cost and burden of maintaining their own commercial kitchens. Additionally, we provide access to equipment and resources that individual businesses may not be able to afford on their own. We hope that we can play an important role in supporting and fostering the growth of local small food businesses.

What can I make at the Food Hub?

Whatever you’d like as long as we have the space that is right for your operation and you can achieve approval from the health authorities.

Where are you?

We are located in Abbotsford at 2570 Cyril Street near the downtown core.

Why join a community kitchen?

We offer a different route to growing a food business. We’ve already covered the costs of the building, the cold storage, and the large appliances and so you can save some money and focus it on your business’s growth.

How do I book a tour?

Please fill out an application at and we can get in contact with you to arrange a tour and discuss how to best fit your business in with us.

What kind of food vendors operate at Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub?

We have space for anyone looking to run a food business. Whether that be someone making a product for retail or market sale, made to order food, a catering business, or a food truck that needs a base to operate out of.

What paperwork do I need?

How do I get started at the kitchen?

If you decide that we are a good fit for your business, you just have to inform us that you would like to enter into an agreement and we can start the process for you. We can connect you with the people necessary for licensing and approval and provide the help to get your process started.

How many members share the kitchen?

We can fit up to 10 operations at a time, provided everyone has scheduled the appliances that they would need.

How do you schedule appliances?

We have an app from Commissary Connect that allows our members to view the schedules and book their table times and the appliances they’d need.

Explain billing- monthly based on time and space Agreement minimum 1 month

Members will sign an agreement with the FVAFH for a minimum of 1 month. We also require a safety deposit of the first month’s rent +15%.

What equipment do I need to bring when I rent the commercial kitchen?

Each member will be required to provide their own small wares, such as pans and spatulas and containers. We have space for any special heavy equipment such as packaging machines.

What kind of kitchen tools and equipment do you have on site that I can use?

We have a 6 Burner Stove, 2 Convection Ovens, a Combi Oven, 2 Deep Fryers, a Dough Sheeter, a Flat-top Grill, 2 Freeze Dryers, a 30 qt Mixer, A Proofing Cabinet, a Salamander, a Meat Slicer, a Tilt Kettle, a Vacuum Sealer, an Impulse Sealer, a Large Pressure Cooker for canning, a High Temperature Dishwasher, a Walk in Cooler, and a Walk in Freezer.

Are there any 24/7 monthly rentals available?

Agreements to operate here are monthly at a minimum. Once you are a member you would have access 24/7. So come on over at 3am to start your sourdoughs.

What kind of storage is available?

We have wire racking for dry storage, cooler storage, and freezer storage. As well we have additional reach-in freezers and fridges available to rent.

How do you handle deliveries for members?

We require that either you have a member of your business on site to receive the order or that you arrange ahead of time with FVAFH management to help receive your order. Deliveries are best brought in on a dolly as we do not have a loading bay and are not well equipped for pallets.

Do I need to get a health inspection?

You will need approval of your food safety and sanitation plans from Fraser Health. We suggest that you engage with us on this process as soon as you can as it can take time to achieve approval.

Is the kitchen Fraser Health approved?

The Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub is inspected and approved by Fraser Health to operate as a commissary kitchen. Our space’s approval still requires that your operation have a separate approval specific to this building.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are dependent on how much time and space your operation needs, ranging from as low as $500 per month + tax.

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Our Location

We are located in the heart of the Fraser Valley at
2570 Cyril Street, Abbotsford, BC
V2S 2G2

Phone Number
604 – 746 – 5682